No Sleep Productivity- look what I built!

I saw that ridiculously useless wood purchased with all intentions to build a decent garden structure sitting in my room day after day. “One day I’ll build something with it. I already have the saw, I just have to get the right nails for once.” I didn’t even really know then what else I wanted to build, I just wanted to create something new and unique, but for myself.

Recently, I’ve really wanted an antique telephone bench or gossip bench, but why buy when it seems simple to build. I started looking at the wood, realizing that the cuts I had already made with the saw could be worked with if I put in a little more effort. I already had wood glue from a book repurposing craft ( yes I know that was the wrong glue for that).

First, I cut rectangle holes inopposite edges of a bucket, I figured an easy way to keep my wood shavings contained while also having a sturdy “work bench”. I began sawing wood around 1am, not sure if the neighbors could hear. If so, they probably wondered all night long about what I was doing in my house. Once I had the pieces cut, I started gluing, not realizing it takes 30-60 minutes to dry and you have to keep pressure on it. I worked with what I had in the house at 6am to put weight on the pieces: candles, a chair, heavy blocks of wood, whatever there was. Working this way made Hobby Lobby’s 9am open time quite reasonable. Having found a gift card from Christmas, I went to buy a clamp, some paint, a cute kid’s chair that looks like big pencils that I could use pieces of, and a gift for my mom (random and not part of the late night build, but important because she’s important). When I got home, I worked hard to glue the remaining pieces together with the clamp, having to saw new pieces as I changed the design.

Altogether, the materials used include the following:

– old wood scraps

– old classroom supplies: 2 clipboards and a plastic stand up paper organizer

– an old cork board

– two old throw pillows

– the kid’s chair I bought

– a wooden arrow decoration

– two old books

– a power strip

– lots of cardboard

– lots of hot glue

– lots of gorilla glue

– purple $0.50 craft paint

– a never used makeup brush for painting

The final project is a 2 foot by 1 foot space that fits the paper organizer as a desk on one side and a cushioned chair space next to it.

For the desk, I turned the paper organizer on its side and reinforced it with clipboards on either side measured and cut to the shape of the organizer. The space underneath the desk has a mounted power strip where you can plug in any charging cords as you need them. As a type of “armrest” next to the desk sits the top part of the child’s chair (two wood pieces that look like pencil tips). This provides even more space to place or store things underneath the desk.

The chair space next to the desk was created using the seat park of the kids’ chair, 2 old throw pillows as cushions, and 2 old books painted and mounted on wood and cardboard to be an aesthetic armrest.

Reinforcing the back of the bench is a wooden frame that I built as well as an old corkboard, creating a space above like a headboard for the decorative wooden arrow/spear. The wood parts of the chair back were painted to match the other parts of the bench.

Supporting the weight of the above are the 4 eraser-end pencil style leg stands from the same kids’ chair.

All in all, I’m proud of my work, which I’ve added a photo of, and I just wanted to share it with others.

I just recently sat down and wrote for 30 minutes. I never once felt like it was going to break, and it was very comfortable for being so small. The second cushion is not pictured in the photo because it makes it so you can’t see the structure of the piece. There are a few things I’d add or do and probably will, the first being finishing or cleaning up the paint job, and then taking better photos of the various aspects.


boy, bye

told my man goodbye you are not my guy

no I did not cry, something’s in my eye

didn’t really try, that boy always lied

I always asked why, don’t know why I tried

I take it in stride, glad I’m not the bride

didn’t hurt my pride, opened my eyes wide

nothing else to hide, boy step to the side

I’ve sighed and I’m fried, nothing left untried

my mind has supplied the words I provide

let feelings subside, I’ve found the upside 

in friends I confide, got em nationwide 

here is an aside doing this tonight 

really try to fight memories at night

words I can recite, how’d it feel so right 

so I sit and write, yeah I’ll be alright 

My friend

couple million times I’ve drawn a blank to 

writing the right words to tell you thank you, 

how I’m grateful, you’re inspirational

you’re never hateful, you’re like an angel

when I’m unstable you enable me 

with the capability to succeed

& harness the possibilities but don’t mind me please

this ain’t about your personality

realize my eyes can see the point was missed

I guess I just assumed you’d get the gist 

here comes the twist, man you really have me pissed

you get things done with a flick of your wrist

I don’t get how you check shit off your list 

& I must admit I have some jealousy 

the life you live, you know your destiny 

giving is your specialty but you don’t see

how special you could be if you were freed

from responsibility like you taught me 

I would guarantee youre the special seed

that was planted to free society from the anxiety 

that is quietly the irony in the lives we lead.


religion doesnt exist to imprison 

it insists the decision of division

its self infliction like crucifixion 

you need to know it’s not your job to save me

& I foresee that you are going to be
angering others with judgements of cultures

that you don’t understand 

only firsthand 

will we learn to have concern for all people?

living peaceful and equal no matter beliefs 

if not naive, they receive and achieve and they’re living

forgiving and giving fulfilling love

you know the kind 

that comes from above 

causing upheavals of fearful behavior 

just be in favor of serving your savior 

to reassure, what you get is what you give

the sweat before death is the reason you live 


you know I’m just trying to pretend I’m not dying

all the while I’m lying just constantly buying myself some time so I write these rhymes thinking I’m alright 

and I cry 

perplexed by the complexity of what’s next to me 

in my eyes, the sunrise

in my mind, I over analyze and I fantasize that I’m organized 

on the inside, I’m demoralized 

so paralyzed by what’s televised that I’ve become neutralized on all issues that get scrutinized by the unwise eyes that reside inside homes 

where real issues are school zones and student loans, all because of the unknown

standing united by color only divides us in number, it’s slumber 

we’re asleep, but say we’re woke

we’re the generation full of smoke

and everyone is expecting us to choke 

but we won’t because they don’t understand 

what it’s like to look up in the sky and wonder what kind of spell we’re under 

society has placed us into boxes, so watch this

you are what you do, your value is your effort and the success you possess to be the best 

so just do it, say yes 

Dear Anthony,

There are many things I’d like to write to you, but for now, I’d rather just mention the meaning of my new tattoo, my first tattoo, a tattoo for you. I’ve been trying to think about something that I could have with me to represent you and how you’ve watched out for me since you’ve left. Although this tattoo was somewhat spontaneous, it makes it even more meaningful. I know that you were with me during our entire trip across the east coast, and I know you were there the day I got this. 

I couldn’t think of anything other than the evil eye to represent you and our friendship, and I really liked the implication that you can see and experience life with me, as well as help protect me from any evil. I’ve also wanted the evil eye tattoo for a long time, just couldn’t figure out how I wanted it to look. I spent a whole day looking up images online and had a few to show the girl. I wasn’t 100% impressed with her interpretation of what I had showed her, especially because she had originally drawn the eyeball so the colors wouldn’t even work, but I was really intrigued by the single tear, so I had her switch a few things, and I committed to my first tattoo. Im so grateful that I did, though. I now have a reminder that you’re always with me, that no matter how sad I may be that you’re gone or what I went through to accept it, your memory will inspire me to continue on and live fully.

On June 24th, I went to the spot we had spent hours sitting and talking one night, like the only night you actually got me to go out with you. This was also the night your friend asked you to bring her some of my old cat litter, an entire bucket full. We spoke about life, had a few drinks, and I just remember being comfortable with you. I remember being grateful that you were still in my life. I remember feeling guilty for a number of things in our relationship and promising to myself that I would try to fix them. I felt vulnerable, but accepted and loved by you. It’s rare I find someone I can be so free with, and you’ve always been someone like that in my life. I never appreciated it enough. In order to fully complete my grieving process, I needed to spend time with you in a safe place, so I went here. I went somewhere that was just us, no other memories. I went somewhere I felt safe to experience that moment without any other thoughts or feelings. I watched the sunrise with you. I read some of my book. I watched a dolphin hang out in the cove. I took in everything that moment meant to me, and I tried to take pictures to represent the memory. I’d love to be able to send them to you, but now I know that you were there. You saw it all too, and probably took your own pictures. 

Thank you for everything, Anthony. Thank you for the memories and every moment of life we spent together. I was devastated when you left, and I’m not sure I would have figured out how to handle it on my own. I know you were there helping me with it. I’m excited to live my life and honor your memory in every experience I have. I love you, and I’ll see you on the flip side friend.

June 15th
June 24th

to my students

ya’ll have me losing my mind, I’m bout to lose my cool
you’re acting a fool in this school and breaking every rule
I’m feeling like a monster just trying to foster
some learning on my roster & make you smarter,
but I’m a martyr, got me going to the doctor
this environment is violent & the scene is mean
you wanna joke on a screen thinking you have your team?
you try to be clean, but you need to be seen
so you’re messy in a frenzy
your words are fists and they’re ready
it’s not friendly, words are deadly
so I try to take things gently
positive and I’m intently
tryin’ to teach you to reach new heights
& live a life where strife wont end in a fight
where your happiness is genius
and meanness is weakness
what’s the problem with being a geek
look up to the people that are unique
ones that speak with a knowledgable mind
because in time, you will find that these people, they shine
because confidence is timeless
& I think that any disagreement here is mindless
so honestly is it possibly
a basis of environment?
the judgement that turns violent
the sense of such entitlement
please lead me to enlightenment

I want you to agree and help me
so they can see above
this angry world needs love
& to rid ourselves of hate
don’t discriminate, appreciate
this world we got shows us a lot, but
what are we learning &
what are we taught &
what are we proving to people we’re not?
cause we’re just like them, some straight up mock,
yet we judge em & bludge em on how they walk & talk
& it ain’t nothing but hypocrisy,
because of foolishness & jealousy
but no one will admit to being like that yet,
but they watch shows,
fight foes,
lose bros &
no one knows,
just goes to show that they’re lost
sucked into materialism & in turn, their concern is just cost it’s just cost…
so I’m asking who are we really kidding?
and what kinds of things are we missing?
without teaching the basics for living
the process of thinking, forgiving, and building