to my students

ya’ll have me losing my mind, I’m bout to lose my cool
you’re acting a fool in this school and breaking every rule
I’m feeling like a monster just trying to foster
some learning on my roster & make you smarter,
but I’m a martyr, got me going to the doctor
this environment is violent & the scene is mean
you wanna joke on a screen thinking you have your team?
you try to be clean, but you need to be seen
so you’re messy in a frenzy
your words are fists and they’re ready
it’s not friendly, words are deadly
so I try to take things gently
positive and I’m intently
tryin’ to teach you to reach new heights
& live a life where strife wont end in a fight
where your happiness is genius
and meanness is weakness
what’s the problem with being a geek
look up to the people that are unique
ones that speak with a knowledgable mind
because in time, you will find that these people, they shine
because confidence is timeless
& I think that any disagreement here is mindless
so honestly is it possibly
a basis of environment?
the judgement that turns violent
the sense of such entitlement
please lead me to enlightenment

I want you to agree and help me
so they can see above
this angry world needs love
& to rid ourselves of hate
don’t discriminate, appreciate
this world we got shows us a lot, but
what are we learning &
what are we taught &
what are we proving to people we’re not?
cause we’re just like them, some straight up mock,
yet we judge em & bludge em on how they walk & talk
& it ain’t nothing but hypocrisy,
because of foolishness & jealousy
but no one will admit to being like that yet,
but they watch shows,
fight foes,
lose bros &
no one knows,
just goes to show that they’re lost
sucked into materialism & in turn, their concern is just cost it’s just cost…
so I’m asking who are we really kidding?
and what kinds of things are we missing?
without teaching the basics for living
the process of thinking, forgiving, and building



the epitome of innocence
my days are filled with insolence
the rest mostly ambivalence
but I’m just here by incidence
so I must work with diligence
and live my life with vigilance
to have some small significance
I’ll admit this, explicitly
we all do things differently
so please explain efficiency
while drowning in deficiencies
just want to reach proficiency
improve on the ability
but nothing happens instantly
I’m solving all those mysteries
try to have a lot of sympathy
wait, I mean empathy
the specialty for clarity
a oneness of prosperity
been praying to my entity
as if I need some therapy
but they are not the enemy
this is not my destiny
it’s messing with me mentally
almost monumentally
but I do this voluntarily
it’s not for popularity
no more irregularity
we need some solidarity
but apparently the rarity
is all out on it’s own
but that’s the zone I’ve grown in
and it’s all I’ve ever known