My friend

couple million times I’ve drawn a blank to 

writing the right words to tell you thank you, 

how I’m grateful, you’re inspirational

you’re never hateful, you’re like an angel

when I’m unstable you enable me 

with the capability to succeed

& harness the possibilities but don’t mind me please

this ain’t about your personality

realize my eyes can see the point was missed

I guess I just assumed you’d get the gist 

here comes the twist, man you really have me pissed

you get things done with a flick of your wrist

I don’t get how you check shit off your list 

& I must admit I have some jealousy 

the life you live, you know your destiny 

giving is your specialty but you don’t see

how special you could be if you were freed

from responsibility like you taught me 

I would guarantee youre the special seed

that was planted to free society from the anxiety 

that is quietly the irony in the lives we lead.


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I'm me, but who's that?

an anonymous writer trying to get started online

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