the epitome of innocence
my days are filled with insolence
the rest mostly ambivalence
but I’m just here by incidence
so I must work with diligence
and live my life with vigilance
to have some small significance
I’ll admit this, explicitly
we all do things differently
so please explain efficiency
while drowning in deficiencies
just want to reach proficiency
improve on the ability
but nothing happens instantly
I’m solving all those mysteries
try to have a lot of sympathy
wait, I mean empathy
the specialty for clarity
a oneness of prosperity
been praying to my entity
as if I need some therapy
but they are not the enemy
this is not my destiny
it’s messing with me mentally
almost monumentally
but I do this voluntarily
it’s not for popularity
no more irregularity
we need some solidarity
but apparently the rarity
is all out on it’s own
but that’s the zone I’ve grown in
and it’s all I’ve ever known



I write for the thirst of the first
Words in the thirds like I’m a damn encyclopedia
Media, what’s free to ya? Expedia.
A lead in the search for the beach and
I’m snorting lines of the speech
Negotiating just to reach the high Goodbye
I’m gone like a pawn in the lawn of life
Full of strife, cursed by the knife of society
Variety, the reason he is leavin’
You’re grievin’ like it’s the end of a season
But you’re feening for the love from above.