religion doesnt exist to imprison 

it insists the decision of division

its self infliction like crucifixion 

you need to know it’s not your job to save me

& I foresee that you are going to be
angering others with judgements of cultures

that you don’t understand 

only firsthand 

will we learn to have concern for all people?

living peaceful and equal no matter beliefs 

if not naive, they receive and achieve and they’re living

forgiving and giving fulfilling love

you know the kind 

that comes from above 

causing upheavals of fearful behavior 

just be in favor of serving your savior 

to reassure, what you get is what you give

the sweat before death is the reason you live 



you know I’m just trying to pretend I’m not dying

all the while I’m lying just constantly buying myself some time so I write these rhymes thinking I’m alright 

and I cry 

perplexed by the complexity of what’s next to me 

in my eyes, the sunrise

in my mind, I over analyze and I fantasize that I’m organized 

on the inside, I’m demoralized 

so paralyzed by what’s televised that I’ve become neutralized on all issues that get scrutinized by the unwise eyes that reside inside homes 

where real issues are school zones and student loans, all because of the unknown

standing united by color only divides us in number, it’s slumber 

we’re asleep, but say we’re woke

we’re the generation full of smoke

and everyone is expecting us to choke 

but we won’t because they don’t understand 

what it’s like to look up in the sky and wonder what kind of spell we’re under 

society has placed us into boxes, so watch this

you are what you do, your value is your effort and the success you possess to be the best 

so just do it, say yes